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1235TT  |  Standard Length Tamper Proof Set

Image shown may not be actual product but represents product or set which includes product.

Set contains 1/4" drive star sizes TT10 to TT30; 3/8" drive sizes TT40 to TT55 and 1/2" drive size TT60.
Set Contains 12 Pieces  |  12 Pc. 1/4"-3/8"-1/2" Tamper-Proof Star Driver Set  |  Molded Storage Case  |  Weight: 1.77 lbs.  |  Lifetime Warranty (Individual Parts Only)

6 Pieces 1/4" Drive Star Sizes
TT10, TT15, TT20, TT25, TT27, TT30

5 Pieces 3/8" Drive Star Sizes
TT40, TT45, TT47, TT50, TT55

3/8" Drive Star Sizes

2 Pieces Replacement Parts
CA1235TT, SL01D